Balance Game

As part of the ENGS101P module, we were tasked with creating a Coding Curriculum. My team was told to use TouchDevelop and so to familiarise me with it, I decided to create a game.

Main Game

Main Game

I ended up picking a balancing game as it is a very simple game to play, yet it provided a cute puzzle in recreating the effect of mechanics and gave me an opportunity to stretch my trigonometric muscles that became weak from disuse since my Adobe Flash days.

I am still not happy with the actual “physics” of the game. No physics engine was used, only approximate multipliers that gave an approximation of how a stick would react in real life. Having said that, I am pleased with the result given the amount of time that I had spent on it.

At the time of creation of the Balance Game, TouchDevelop did not have a built in function to rotate an object around a given point. The rotation function was only able to rotate an object around the centre point. It was a fun to play with trigonometry so that I could have an object rotate around one end.

In the end, the project achieved what I wanted, it gave me experience in working in TouchDevelop and its online IDE.